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interior Styling services

Whether your look is eclectic, bohemian, mid-century or classical European, the principles of design—such as proportion, balance, form and unity—are the same. I can help you apply these design elements to your space to create your desired effect.


I'll work with what you already have and give you ideas of what to acquire in order to fulfill, edit or expand the look you want. I work as a stylist, to design, arrange and highlight your collections, art objects and heirlooms. 

My strengths include a strong design intuition, an educated eye, and a bit of obsessiveness. For example,  I will “style” your collections and treasures—on the spot, putting them together to create logic, unity, and surprise. I can hang your art correctly and create a gallery wall that makes a stunning statement. I can suggest what’s missing and what to acquire as well as work with furniture placement. I will encourage you to retire out-of-date or unsuitable elements in your home, to update your “look” and will make suggestions for both.

We will meet together in your home for a two to three hour consultation. My purpose will be to learn your design goals and desires, to access the function and design of your furniture and accessories, to style and re-arrange as appropriate—pulling elements together for effect, making suggestions for new purchases and moving furniture as needed. This is followed up with a written summary of suggestions and advice, often including further ideas that occur to me as I'm writing the summary.  


Barbara Foss, Alameda, California

A visit from Kathryn is a better payoff than any Botox or Restylane can offer as your home will benefit from her eye, seemingly able, in an effortless endeavor, to transform a room with small yet significant adjustments and ideas about what the room may need in terms of a piece of art or a repositioning of existing pieces. She reminds you of the need for change and is blessed with exquisite taste. Lest she sound all business, she is funny and able to make a visit an adventure that includes laughter. 

Martha Foss, Vista California

Even an interior designer needs a designer! Although I’ve designed many homes, I’ve often found myself needing a second opinion on design decisions. Kathryn always gives me her honest appraisal and vets my decisions or points out the drawbacks that deep down I’d already suspected. Kathryn’s creativity in helping place new acquisitions or family heirlooms always elevates a space. She has an experienced eye that notices the smallest details that can enhance her clients’ style. In addition she is a delight to work with.


Patricia Hansen, Salt Lake City, Utah

Kathryn has been my to-go design person for years! When I have any decorating questions or design problems, she always has ideas that work, especially for furniture and accessories placement. The best idea she had, one that two architects didn’t think of, was to remove a small wall between my kitchen and the dining room. It changed everything, opening up the space so it’s more visually pleasing as well as more versatile. Kathryn suggested I keep a butler’s stand instead of sending it off to a consignment shop as I planned, saying “It’s a good transition piece and its height balances your kitchen island.” She suggested I group all my black and white Staffordshire plates above the butler’s stand, and now I love the whole composition. Although she doesn’t often shop with clients, she agreed to a trip to the showrooms in San Francisco where she found some crystal sconces and and asian chest, pulling together the French and Asian elements I love. 

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