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First person writing can challenge writers whose minds are full of rich mental impressions and memories. Where to start? When to stop? What to cut and what to add? Some writers find it hard to get started; others draft freely but then need help shaping the material.

I can help as a developmental editor with these challenges. I can coach you to find ways to strengthen your work in progress, whether essay or book length. I’ll help you find and clarify your focus, create a useful, organic structure and determine a clear purpose to the writing. 

My written assessment will critique your overall effort: I’ll point to areas of strength, note specific and general problems, and make suggestions for development of content. 


To determine whether I can support your writing effort, send me five to seven double-spaced pages of your nonfiction writing as a Word attachment. 

Along with this sample of your writing, please send about half a page explaining your goals for the writing project—what you want to accomplish and how you see the structure of the effort.

I will respond to these pages in general and explain the scope for my developmental editing for your writing as well as establish my working rate.

We can then agree on a process and timeline for working together.

  • 5-7 page  (double-spaced) non-fiction writing sample as Word attachment

  • Half-page explanation of goals for the writing project


 Janie Ellison, Buckner, KY

Kathryn is tireless, approachable, and a superior editor. She helped me to let down my guard without self-consciousness and write better. I've learned to focus my writing on its overall purpose., technique, and revision, has helped me seriously improve my writing.  

Elizabeth Enger, Portland, OR

Kathryn’s eye-opening insight about writing purpose, technique, and revision, has helped me seriously improve my writing.  I finally understand the building blocks of memoir composition and revision because of her direction. 

Lisa A.Gilbert, Bigfork, Montana

Kathryn has edited my work with inspiring encouragement and perceptive guidance, I have gained the skills I need to improve my writing and the courage to move my story forward. Most importantly, I feel that she really gets me! Her understanding of my perspective and goals for my memoir are extremely validating and supportive. Kathryn has proven to be an invaluable resource and cherished mentor as I continue to develop my voice and my writing. I value our special enduring connection and look forward to attending her future workshops, in addition to hosting one at my Montana Wild Swan Retreat space in June 2019. 

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